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Bracelet Osservando l'infinito silver Selezione Zanolli


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Delivery all over the world
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Product description

Made in Italy

Silver bracelet with gold and rhodium finishes from Osservando l'infinito collection. Article of Selezione Zanolli by Ruggero Zanolli.

Craftsmanship, experience and passion have always characterized the work of Ruggero Zanolli and each of his jewels embodies each of these values. Handmade silver jewelry with a unique and original design that embraces legendary, ancestral aspects of great spiritual and moral significance.

Splendid semi-rigid silver bracelet, an ideal gift for all dreaming women, those always looking for a life that knows how to surprise every day and with a deep meaning. This women's bracelet is designed for all those candid souls who still turn their gaze to the sky, who know how to appreciate and let themselves be enchanted by the vastness of creation. A unique gift for a surprising woman, be it mother, sister, wife, partner or friend of your heart, choose for her a bracelet with a symbolic meaning that donated can be a vehicle for all those words you can't say. Whoever wears Ruggero Zanolli's creations will almost have the perception of owning an ancient relic, a sort of talisman that embodies the positivity and energy of creation.

"Osservando l'infinito" collection contains in the title the hidden meaning understood by the author more widely narratable: "The eye turned to the sky where planets, comets and stars dance creating the balance game of life. Watch enchanted and fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. The gaze manifests the joy of discovery and curiosity towards the cosmos, while the inner ego becomes a participant of such vastness."

From the skilled hands of our master silversmith Ruggero Zanolli comes a line of 925/1000 silver jewelry. For this particular collection "Oservando l'infinito" pendant, earrings, bracelet and ring were created. These magnificent jewels are rigorously made in Italy handcrafted with the lost wax investment casting technique. Each finely crafted piece of silver is completed by a golden surface finish obtained by plating with rhodium and pure gold.

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