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Sales conditions

Conditions of sale of goods at a distance for


Site, platform: it is the "virtual" space, that is online, that hosts the sales service. It allows simple navigation operations, registration to the navigation service, purchase of goods and exercise of related rights. This is

Service: is the set of activities made available to the User on the platform. The Browsing and Purchase experiences are part of the Service made available to the public.

Public: it is the indeterminate set of subjects that can use the service.

Professional (also called Seller): is the person who prepares, manages and executes, directly or with the help of third parties, the online sales process. In the case of it is ZANOLLI s.r.l.

Buyer (also called Customer): is the person who purchases goods or services online. Before proceeding with the purchase, or activating the purchase procedure, then only in browsing the service, the same is called User. The Service can be used by both Consumers and Business Users. Some clauses will not be applicable to the latter.

Consumer: is the person who uses the service, or buys the goods, for personal purposes and unrelated to his work (professional, entrepreneurial, commercial, craft).

Business: is the person who uses the Service and is not a Consumer.

Guest: User who proceeds with the purchase without registering or creating an account (for example using PayPal).

Product or Good: it is the good that can be purchased on the Platform and that is described in the Product Sheet.

Online sales contract (or Conditions of Sale): distance contract stipulated between the Seller and the buyer, concerning goods, as part of a distance selling system that uses the remote communication technology called internet, with the use of a website

Qualified shipping: shipment of goods which, in consideration of the type of goods, the size, quantity or value of the goods themselves or the location of the recipient, must be carried out by specialized personnel (e.g. valuables, exceptional transport).

Premise:: these conditions of sale govern the sale of goods on the site The discipline contained in these Conditions of Sale derives in particular, especially with regard to consumers, from the Consumer Code, with precise reference to the legislation on distance contracts (articles 45, 48-59, 60-63, 128 and subsequent consumer code).

The reference texts are those in force at the time of the fact to which they refer: for Navigation therefore the texts in force at the time of navigation are taken into account, for The Registration to the Service those in force at the time of registration, for Purchases those in force at the time of purchase.


The goods are offered for sale to the public on the site by:

ZANOLLI Srl, with registered office in via Ancona 64/66, 25125 Brescia, Italy;

P.IVA 00090100173

C.F. and registration number 00090100173 of the Register of Companies of BRESCIA

Share Capital i.v. € 110.000,00

Phone: 0303541776


It is understood between the parties that in the event of sale, sale, transfer of the business unit, merger and any other subjective change of the Seller, all legal relationships in place between Zanolli and Users / Customers are automatically and without the need for further consent transferred to the successor (ie the Company that purchases or otherwise receives from Zanolli the company, the business unit or the one resulting from any merger), which therefore assumes all the rights, obligations and legal relationships belonging to the Seller.


It is the User who buys goods on the online sales platform.

Except in the case of Guest, the Buyer coincides with the User registered on the Site, therefore as this has the obligation to enter truthful data and to carefully keep the credentials to access the service.


The Buyer is presumed to be physically domiciled at the place indicated at the time of registration, which will be assumed, except for variations indicated by the buyer himself during the purchase process, as the destination address of the goods, as well as the computer domicile of the same, for communications relating to this service, the e-mail box indicated at the time of registration

The Buyer can also proceed with the purchase as a "Guest": in this case the same is not registered to the service as a User and the system does not store his data (see the privacy policy) except in the cases provided for by law (for example tax data, commercial correspondence, those necessary for shipping, pending the expiry of the withdrawal, for the warranty etc.) and for the shipment of the goods to the address that is inserted in the "Guest" form. The Buyer who proceeds with the purchase in this form must, at a subsequent purchase, re-enter the data or subscribe to the service as a User. Any communications will then be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the Guest procedure.


The products can be viewed on the pages of the site

Each product, from the moment it is published with a specific Information Sheet on the Website, and unless explicitly indicated otherwise by the Seller, is considered offered to the public, without prejudice to the availability of pieces of the product itself by the Seller. This means that the Buyer, having regard to the offer, has the right to decide simply whether to accept this offer and buy or not accept it and not buy.


A special Information Sheet is dedicated to each product, in which the following is reported (possibly also in the footer):

    Description of the product, also with photographs (which refer to the type product of which what is purchased is a specimen), of the type, characteristics, functions, uses and results that can normally be expected from its use: where the description is not considered sufficient or sufficiently precise, the Buyer may still ask for clarifications and specifications from the Seller at the email address:
    • Indication of the quantity (e.g. of pieces per single purchase) and quality if relevant;
    • The indication of the quality of the goods used with the indication of any significant defects;
    • Indication of any suitability of the goods for particular uses, especially if requested by the Buyer BEFORE the conclusion of the contract. In this case, the contract is concluded only if the Seller has confirmed the suitability indicated by the potential Buyer.
    • EVIDENT indication of particular UNSUITABILITY of the good for uses that can be expected from the same or related to the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used. In this case, an acceptance by the Buyer is required.
    • Product Status Description: New, Used, Antiques;
    • For Antiques, if provided: certificate of authenticity or at least mention or reference to the same;
    • Indication of accessories included or not included in the sale, necessary or otherwise useful for the use or operation of the goods;
    • Possible need for maintenance, spare parts or periodic replacements of the product;
    • Indication of particular risks in the use of the asset;
    • Indication of particular shipping methods, especially in relation to the return of the goods in case of withdrawal;
    • Instructions (or indication of instructions), especially in the case of the possibility for the Buyer to assemble or install the goods himself;
    • Indication of the installation as included or not in the price, or in any case as a service provided and provided or not by the Seller.
    • Indication of the possibility or not for the Buyer to install or assemble the goods himself;
    • Information relating to packaging;
    • Indications relating to particular methods of practice of the warranty or customare care (for example repair with reconditioned parts, assistance only in certain languages, etc.);
    The manufacturer;
    • Any importer if different from the Seller and if the goods are produced outside the borders of the Italian State or the EU;
    The number of pieces available, it being understood that the system is not able to monitor with absolute precision and in real time the stock stock: in any case of lack of pieces in stock and competing purchases, those who have perfected the order first will be privileged. In the event that the product, indicated as available, in fact is not, the Seller will send a communication to the Buyer to inform him of the circumstance. In this case, the Buyer will choose, with the answer, whether he prefers a full refund of the sum paid, or wait for any subsequent availability of the goods.
    The price, in all its components (see the chapter on the Price in these Conditions of Sale), with specification that the amount indicated refers to a single piece and with the least expensive means of shipping among those made available to the Buyer by the Seller;
    • Accepted payment methods;
    • The delivery time if foreseeable (ATTENTION: the delivery time mentioned is only INDICATIVE, and not exhaustive);
    • Mention of the right of withdrawal, link to the relevant section;
    • Mention of the existence of the guarantee of conformity;
    • Any indication of a warranty period less than 24 months in the case of used goods;
    • Link to the after-sales service page;
    • Link to the conditions of sale.

The characteristics of the asset and all the information contained in the Card are intended to be those existing at the time of purchase.


Price composition:

The price appearing in the information sheet shall be construed as the final price that the user pays for the good or service, including taxes, duties and other accessories. Shipping costs and customization costs are indicated separately. If it is not possible to indicate them in the product sheet, the Customer still has the possibility to obtain the calculation of the shipping and customization cost during the purchase procedure.

Attention: the price does not include any costs of customs clearance of the goods, or taxes or duties to be paid in case of shipment to a country other than Italy. It is the Buyer's responsibility to verify the existence and amount of such costs, which will be at its own expense and expense, and are not part of the sale price as indicated.

The price shown in the information sheet refers to only one asset.

Shipping costs:

The Buyer may choose between the different types of shipping made available by the Seller. If the Buyer chooses a shipment other than the least expensive, among those made available by the Seller, the price will increase accordingly and will be borne by the Buyer. The Buyer will still be made available the price of each type of shipment during the sales process or – in the case of qualified shipping or relating to areas that are difficult to reach – before shipment: in the event that the Buyer does not intend to confirm the purchase, the contract will be considered not concluded and any payments made will be returned to the Buyer.

If the Buyer intends to request shipment by a means or type other than those made available to him by the Seller, he must make an explicit request before proceeding with the purchase by filling in the appropriate field called NOTES, and may proceed with the purchase only in case of approval by the Seller. In this case, the Seller will indicate the price of the goods, excluding shipping costs (including specific taxes) which will be the responsibility and direct responsibility of the Buyer.

Price calculation:

Prices are indicated in Euros.

Where the number of pieces purchased or the variety of them affects or may affect the final price (especially the part of the price relating to the shipment), the customer will be given information of the total price before confirmation of the order by the same.

In any case, the total price, including shipping costs (except as mentioned above for qualified shipments) and referring to the total of the pieces purchased, will always be visible before the confirmation of the purchase order with payment obligation.

Cost of the means of communication used for the service:

Costs of using the means of distance communication: the service operates through connection to the internet. It is the Buyer's responsibility to check the connection costs of its tariff plan, which do not depend on the Seller.


The technical stages of conclusion of the contract for the purchase of the goods are as follows:

1. Identification of the good or goods to be purchased: the Buyer, while browsing, consults the information sheets of the products, selects them, selects any customizations and inserts them into the cart through the ADD TO CART function;

2. Selection of the Cart: the Buyer sees the total of the goods included in the cart, with indication of the cost of each good and the total, including shipping costs;

3. Selection of the payment method and the Shipping/collection option in store;

4. Indication of the text of any customization.

5. Recipient selection the Buyer - if not already registered - enters the data of the recipient of the goods, that is, of the person to whom the purchased goods will be sent, inserting in the appropriate form name, surname, geographical address to whom the goods must be delivered, telephone number (given the latter often necessary for the Courier in order to ascertain the availability of the recipient for delivery purposes). ATTENTION: the system assumes that the recipient is the same person registered for the Service and therefore can pre-fill the fields with the data of the registered User. If you want to deliver the goods to a person other than the user-buyer, you must fill out the form with these different data (the Buyer assumes responsibility for communicating to the System the data of the third person, which will be processed and stored only for the purpose of executing the shipment). ATTENTION: if you choose shipping abroad, any costs and procedures for customs clearance of the goods are borne by the Buyer (see chapter Shipping).

6. Specification of the invoice request or not : the Buyer can request the issuance of an invoice, but must exercise this option no later than the order is sent, specifying the tax data (in addition to the personal data therefore, the Tax Code) and clicking YES to the box bearing the item DO YOU NEED THE INVOICE?

7. Possible acceptance of the lack of conformity by the Buyer.
ATTENTION: since the next point involves a contractual commitment of the buyer, it is good that these check all the data entered, and if there are incorrect ones, correct them by going back in the wizard to the section containing the data or option that you intend to modify. The data entered in fact, after the conclusion of the following point, are no longer technically modifiable, and if the Buyer intends not to confirm them, he must activate the withdrawal procedure.

8. Purchase: provided and received all the information referred to in the previous phases, the Buyer may decide to proceed with the purchase of the goods offered for sale by typing the appropriate button bearing the words CONCLUDE THE PURCHASE with which it will be conveyed to the chosen payment system. The contract is concluded with the completion of the payment (see however what is indicated on the subject of delivery) and the Seller is obliged to proceed with the Delivery only after receiving the payment. Only for the case of cash on delivery the contract is finalized with the sending by the Buyer of the Function Conclude the Purchase.

9. Sending, by the Seller, a summary e-mail, containing the following information:
A. List of purchased goods
B. Total price of the purchase with specification of the individual items (price of each good, shipping costs, taxes, taxes and accessories)
C. Payment Method chosen by the Buyer
D. Expected delivery rates
E. Professional Seller and contact details (including computer) for complaints, warranty, return or other communications
F. Terms and methods of execution of the right of withdrawal
G. How to exercise the rights related to the guarantee of conformity
H. Contact address of Customer Care
I. Conditions of Sale applied to the contract or link to the text PLEASE NOTE: the email referred to in this point is sent by the Seller, but the contract has already been concluded and if the Buyer intends to renounce the purchase must activate in any case the withdrawal procedure.


The Buyer, to pay for the goods or services purchased, can choose between the payment methods indicated by the Seller (already indicated in the information sheet).

Non-payment methods:

Where the Buyer intends to pay by a method other than those made available to him by the Seller, he must ask the Seller for explicit authorization before proceeding with the purchase by entering the request in the NOTES section. In the absence of explicit authorization from the Seller, the contract will not be perfected.

Time to choose your payment method

The choice of payment must be made at the time of the order (see the item relating to the technical phases of conclusion of the contract) and, once selected, can not be changed.

Who manages the means of payment:

In any case, the payment methods are the exclusive competence of companies (banks, issuing institutions or managing online current accounts, issuing institutions or managing credit cards, etc.). The Seller does not receive commissions on payment by the Institutes, and does not impose any payment surcharge for the choice of one payment method over another (except in the case of Cash on Delivery whose increase is in any case before the conclusion of the purchase procedure).

Unauthorized or inaccurate charges

ATTENTION: In case of unauthorized or inaccurate charges, the Buyer is invited to promptly report the circumstance to the Seller, who will lend maximum cooperation, by email to the following address In any case, the Buyer may contact his bank, or the institution that issued or manages the credit card to request the return of the amount unduly charged to him.


The system accepts the credit cards indicated in the purchase procedure.

In any case, if the credit card is chosen as the payment method, the customer is directed to the platform that manages online payments, without the Sales service of the goods receiving communications from that platform other than those relating to the authorization or non-authorization of the payment, the execution or non-execution of the same.

Withdrawal: In case of withdrawal, Zanolli will ask the platform that manages the payment by credit card to cancel the payment or return the amount or part of it as the case may be. It is understood that Zanolli can only guarantee the timely request, while both the actual cancellation of the payment and the return of the same are performed by the institution that issued and manages the credit card, and therefore will depend on the methods and times on the same.

In any case, the customer is invited to consult the service of issuing his credit card and the related conditions and terms of use.


The customer who chooses this form of payment is directed to the PayPal site.

Zanolli reserves the right not to accept payments from unverified users for amounts exceeding one hundred euros.

PayPal, of which you are invited to visit the site and to consult its terms of use, charges immediately.
Withdrawal: In case of withdrawal, Zanolli will ask PayPal to cancel the payment or return the amount or part of it as the case may be. It is understood that Zanolli can only guarantee the timely request, while both the actual cancellation of the payment and the return of the same are carried out by PayPal, and therefore will depend on the methods and times on the same. In any case, the customer is invited to consult the terms and conditions of use of PayPal.


The customer can pay for the product by bank transfer payable to:

Recipient: Zanolli Srl

Bank: BPER Banca

IBAN: IT75G0538711203000042688713


REASON: order number and description of the goods, surname of the buyer.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the product will be sent to the Buyer will be made by the Seller only after the actual crediting of the sum to its current account.

Attention: in the case of transfer from abroad, additional costs may be applied, which are not foreseeable. These costs are borne by the Buyer and must be added to the Price.

Withdrawal: In case of withdrawal, the price will be returned by bank transfer to the account of origin from which the Buyer made the payment of the goods, without prejudice to the deduction of any transfer costs that the Seller may incur for the return of the amount.


The Buyer may choose to pay for the goods on delivery. In this case, you may deliver the sum in cash to the carrier (if contained within the limits allowed by law for cash payments).

In this case, the Buyer may be indicated, by the carrier, the date of delivery in order to put the Customer in a position to have the money necessary for cash on delivery. In any case, it is the responsibility, in consideration of the expected delivery times, of the Buyer to have the sum necessary for cash on delivery.

Withdrawal: In case of withdrawal, the customer who has paid cash on delivery must indicate the bank details to receive the refund

7: DELIVERY to buyer

Where (in which Cities or States):

The Delivery of the goods can be made in the countries indicated at the following link: In case of shipment abroad, any costs and procedures for customs clearance of the goods are borne by the Buyer and are not indicated in the price.

Goods Availability:

As already explained, the number of pieces indicated as available may not be true. In the event that the product, indicated as available, in fact is not, the Seller will send a communication to the Buyer to inform him of the circumstance. In this case, the Buyer will choose, with the answer, whether he prefers a full refund of the sum paid, or wait for any subsequent availability of the goods.

Methods, means of shipping and Costs:

The goods are delivered to the Buyer either directly at the Seller's premises, or by shipping, using means and shipping methods proposed by the Seller.

Delivery costs, which are part of the sale price, may vary depending on the type and means of shipping, the type of goods, the location of the recipient. In any case, the Seller publishes on the service the means and shipping methods that it makes available to customers, with specific indication of the costs. In special cases, however, it will give direct notice to the Buyer, who – if he does not accept the price – may revoke the order. The Buyer, with communication that must be given to the Seller before the conclusion of the purchase contract, may choose a means or type of shipment other than those made available by the Seller with specification under NOTES. This choice must be explicitly authorized by the Seller before the conclusion of the purchase contract. In the absence of approval by the Seller, the contract will not be concluded.

Where (recipient indicated by the Buyer and shipping address):

The goods are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer (see the item relating to the sales phases about the presumption of coincidence between the User and the recipient). It is therefore assumed that all persons who are at the delivery address indicated by the Buyer are designated by the same and authorized to receive the goods. Where the Buyer intends to exclude some of these persons from the list of persons who are presumed to be designated, he must expressly notify the Seller before the purchase order with specification under NOTES.

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is considered to be made at street level, and is not provided for in the event that the destination address is located in an exclusively pedestrian area, or on unpaved roads or difficult to reach.

In any case, the Buyer, where there are foreseeable difficulties in reaching the destination address of the goods (road difficult to reach, narrow, reachable only on foot, difficulty loading the goods if delivery to the floor is foreseen, etc.), must promptly notify the Seller, before the conclusion of the contract with indication under additional notes (also following a specific request by the Seller). In this case, upon receipt of the report, the contract will be concluded only when the Seller, having taken note of the difficulties of delivery, declares in any case the intention to sell the goods and deliver them to the recipient. In any case, any increase in shipping costs due to the reported difficulties will be borne by the Buyer, who, however, will be informed of the increase in costs before the conclusion of the contract. ATTENTION: the discipline referred to in this point also applies in relation to bulky goods.

To whom:

Without prejudice to what has been said in the previous point (i.e. that all persons who are in the destination address are presumed authorized to collect the goods in the name and on behalf of the Buyer), the Good may also be delivered to a person other than the Buyer if the latter designates this person as the recipient of the delivery (for example in the case of a gift) by filling in the appropriate fields (the field relating to the recipient of the goods may be different from that of the Buyer). In this case, the delivery is completed having regard to this person indicated as the recipient, and in reference to it the times provided for by this Contract and by law (for example, in fact, in terms of delivery, but also of withdrawal) run.


- In case of delivery to a company / office / commercial activity, it is always essential to indicate both the Surname Name of the person to whom the package is intended and the name of the Company because the courier refers to the sign and / or name on the bell
- Couriers do not accept in any case alternative delivery addresses, even if close to the main address. Indications such as: "if no one answers the bell leave to the neighbor, in case of absence deliver to the address ..., etc." They will not be taken into account.
- Couriers must deliver the package to a person, usually the recipient. In some cases they can accept a delegate, better if specified in the additional order notes (concierge, reception, etc.). In no case can they leave the package unattended in the garden, on balconies or in other different places indicated.
- The name of the recipient must match the name on the doorbell (when delivery does not take place at a commercial establishment or a company) which must be functional.

Step of risk:

If a means or method of shipment among those proposed by the Seller is used, the risk of loss, destruction, deterioration or damage to the goods passes to the Buyer only when the goods are delivered by the Courier to the Buyer. Therefore, if such events occur before delivery to the Buyer, they will not be chargeable to the Buyer.

Otherwise, where the Buyer has chosen a means of shipment or delivery other than those placed at its disposal by the Seller, the risk of loss, destruction, deterioration or damage to the goods passes to the Buyer when the goods are delivered to the Carrier chosen by the same (and precisely different from those made available by the Seller). In any case, the Buyer may assert his rights, in the latter case, against the Carrier.

Caution in case of suspected damage to property:

In any case, if it is fragile goods, or if there is, for any reason, doubt or suspicion that the goods are damaged, it is represented that the Buyer has the right to refuse delivery, or to accept it with reserve (by noting this form of acceptance, and the reason for the same – for example because the package is damaged – to the Carrier). It is also advisable to document, with photographs or other similar measures, any damage to the goods or to the packaging or packaging. It is advisable that the Buyer, in addition to mentioning the refusal or acceptance with reserve, immediately contact the Seller's after-sales service at the following address:

Delivery times and remedies in case of delay:

INTRODUCTION: The estimated delivery times can be viewed for each item in the corresponding product sheet. The days indicated represent the time of preparation, shipment and delivery of the goods, bearing in mind that:
• The days to be counted are working – therefore excluding Saturday and Sunday and any holidays and / or closure for Holidays of Zanolli (for info on our closures inquire at our customer service or check on Google);
• Couriers deliver from Monday to Friday. At the moment they do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
• The counting of days starts from the receipt of payment (Eg. In case of bank transfer it generally takes 2 working days from the execution, the other types of payment are, except for technical problems, generally contextual to the order);
• The day of purchase is counted if the order is received by 15:00;
• Particularly complex orders (because the goods are precious or bulky) or with quantities higher than the norm may need longer times that will eventually be communicated by our customer service after the purchase.

ATTENTION: The times indicated in the card are a conservative estimate based on the statistics of the numerous orders processed by Zanolli, and have a purely indicative value. In any case, the delivery must take place without undue delay, and in any case must not take place more than 30 (thirty) days from the conclusion of the purchase contract by the Buyer for the available goods. It is understood that where the card indicates a longer term even than thirty days, the purchase of the good will constitute a conclusive fact of the Buyer of acceptance of this greater term pursuant to art. 61 co. 1 Consumer Code.

For unavailable goods, the expected delivery date is indicated in the product sheet.

ATTENTION: the term is considered respected even in the case of access to the address in the absence of the Buyer or designated persons. The Carrier may make a second access or delegate the management of the second delivery to an agreement with the recipient. Any delivery attempt or other operation is reported through transactional emails (tracking), sent to the Buyer. The Buyer, therefore, will not be able to complain about the non-observance of the deadline where the non-delivery has depended on his absence at the delivery address. Where the Buyer is aware of days or times of absence, he must notify the Seller by specifying additional notes or the Carrier in charge. If, therefore, two accesses are made to the address indicated by the Buyer for delivery, and both are unsuccessful, a communication will be sent to the Buyer asking for confirmation of the intention to receive the goods. If the buyer does not respond to the communication that is sent to the email address communicated by the same to the Service, or communicates that he does not intend to receive the goods, the effects of the withdrawal will be produced by the same (for which see the relative chapter of these conditions of sale).

Case of delayed delivery:

If the goods are not delivered within the term indicated by the Seller, or in any case within 30 days of purchase or within the longer agreed term (for available products), the Buyer has the right to set an additional (appropriate) term for delivery by writing to If this term also expires without delivery (except in the event of the Buyer's absence as indicated above), the Buyer has the right to terminate the purchase contract, quickly receive a refund of the price paid.

However, the Buyer does not have to set a new deadline, and the contract is terminated immediately (with the consequence therefore the right to reimbursement of the expenses incurred for the purchase) in the following cases:
- if the Seller expressly refuses to deliver the goods;
- if, taking into account the objective circumstances that accompanied the contract, the delivery time must be considered essential (and it is such when, after this period, the Buyer no longer has an interest in receiving the goods);
- if the Buyer has informed the Seller, before the purchase and by specifying under NOTES, that delivery within a given period is essential (i.e. that for the Buyer delivery after this term is not useful and is not accepted: think of a gift that must be delivered before the wedding). ATTENTION: in this last case, the imposition of the essential term has a decisive impact on the conclusion of the contract: the contract will therefore not be concluded, as provided for above in the technical phases, with the sending of the order and with the payment, but only when the Seller, having taken note of the maximum delivery term indicated by the Buyer, accepts this term.

Any communication relating to non-delivery, late delivery and any communication relating to delivery must be made by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Deposit stop

In case of urgency you can request delivery in storage. The request can be made in the additional order notes. Zanolli's customer service will communicate the courier that will be used for shipping and will agree with the customer the location of the courier chosen for the collection of the package by the buyer. The recipient, with an identity document, must go to collect the package. Without different indications to the courier or customer service, the package will remain available for collection for 3 working days, after which it will be sent back to the sender (with return costs borne by the Buyer).


What is the Buyer's withdrawal?

The right of withdrawal is a simple right of reconsideration.

The Buyer does not therefore have to justify it, and can exercise it even when the product is completely efficient and conforms to the description made by the Seller, but he (the Buyer) simply has changed his mind and, after receiving it, intends to return it and obtain a refund of the price.

If the purchase has had as its object several (numerous) goods, the withdrawal can also be exercised for some of them only. It cannot, however, in the case of a single good that consists of several elements, even accessories but sold as a single good, be exercised only in relation to parts or components of the good.

PLEASE NOTE the difference between withdrawal and warranty: the withdrawal can be exercised in relation to goods that have been received intact and functioning, and that respond to the description made by the Seller. In fact, if the goods are not intact, do not work or are different from as described, the Buyer must or may activate the PROCEDURE OF GUARANTEE OF CONFORMITY and not the WITHDRAWAL. It is therefore assumed that, in the event of withdrawal, the goods have reached the Buyer intact and functioning.

Terms of exercise of the withdrawal:

The right of withdrawal can be exercised within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the goods to the Buyer as indicated above under delivery.


Once the goods have been received, and subject to the exceptions set out below, the Buyer may decide not to retain the goods and to return them to the Seller. In this case you must use the appropriate form made available by the Seller at this address, or send an email to, with the following Subject: Declaration of Withdrawal . In this email, the Buyer, in addition to communicating the will to withdraw (then return the goods and obtain a refund), will take care to specify the order number or anything else necessary in order to allow the Seller to correctly activate the withdrawal procedure.

The Seller will respond to the communication received by providing the Buyer with instructions for return:
- In particular, it will indicate the shipping address of the return and will remember that any shipping costs, which also depend on the carrier chosen by the Buyer for the return, are borne by the Buyer. The Seller will also provide instructions for packaging and any accompanying documents to be included in the shipment.

ATTENTION: given that some goods require qualified shipments, because they are precious or because they are particularly fragile or bulky, the parties acknowledge that such instructions will be binding on the Buyer and that, in the event of return by means or methods different from those indicated by Zanolli, will be liable for the entire damage in the first person, being able to claim only in a subsidiary way to the carrier.

ATTENTION: the simple shipment to the sender (Seller) of the goods, without sending the above communication does not constitute the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

The Buyer must then send the goods to the address indicated by the Seller within 14 (fourteen) days of sending the notice of withdrawal to the Seller as indicated above. Finally, the Seller must refund the sums, as indicated below, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal. However, the Seller may withhold the refund until it has received the goods. In any case, upon receipt of the goods, the Seller has the right to examine them in order to assess their integrity.

Costs and refunds:

The withdrawal involves the reimbursement of the price paid by the Buyer, without prejudice to the deduction of the return costs and except as indicated below in terms of Risk and responsibility of the buyer and in terms of Exceptions for personalized goods (packaging only).

The cost of the return shipment of the goods to the Seller is in fact borne by the Buyer, even in the case of qualified shipping as indicated above. They are also borne by the Buyer and must be included in the return costs that are not subject to reimbursement also any tax charges (taxes, duties, etc.) that must be paid for the return to Italy of the goods in case of purchase from abroad.

The refund is made using the same means of payment chosen by the Buyer (except in the case of Cash on Delivery for which it will be made by bank transfer).

Risk and liability of the Buyer in relation to shipping:

The Buyer has the right to manipulate the good to establish and examine its nature, functioning, characteristics. Where there is an unwise use by the Buyer and this results in a decrease in the value of the goods, the Buyer is not responsible. It is understood that the opening of packages, packages or similar does not constitute excessive use, but is functional to the above verification. In the case of liability, the decrease in the sum to be returned and charged to the consumer will be given by the difference in value between the new good (or the value of the good sold if used) and the good as sold after such use.

ATTENTION: for used, antique and showcase goods, the defects indicated in the card by the Seller will prevail as an indication of the state of the goods at the time of delivery.


The right of withdrawal is excluded as it is
- Goods made to measure, or otherwise personalized (see;

For personalized goods, the buyer's withdrawal is not allowed. Therefore, once the payment has been received, the Seller will perform the customization, and the goods will therefore be sent to the Buyer and can NOT be returned (the Buyer's rights regarding the Warranty remain unaffected).

ATTENTION: in the event that the customization is NOT made on the good, BUT only on the packaging, the withdrawal will be allowed, but the refund of the price to the Buyer will be reduced by the full value of the personalized packaging.


In case of withdrawal exercised following an indication of the recipient other than the Buyer, the relative rights and the relative procedures will be referred to the recipient who however bears the burden of assuming from the Buyer the necessary information to exercise the right.


When the Buyer of the Good is entitled to the guarantee:

The Seller is liable to the Consumer Buyer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery.

To comply with the sales contract, the goods must meet the following subjective requirements, where relevant:

a) correspond to the contractual description, type, quantity and quality and possess the functionality, compatibility, interoperability and other characteristics as provided for in the sales contract;

b) be suitable for any particular use desired by the Consumer, which has been brought to the attention of the Seller at the latest at the time of conclusion of the sales contract and which the Seller has accepted;

c) be supplied together with all the accessories, instructions, including those related to installation, provided for in the sales contract.

3. In addition to complying with the subjective requirements of conformity, in order to be in conformity with the sales contract, the goods must meet the following objective requirements, where relevant:

a) be suitable for the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used, taking into account, where appropriate, other provisions of national law and Union law, technical standards or, in the absence of such technical standards, industry codes of conduct applicable to the specific sector;

b) where relevant, possess the quality and correspond to the description of a sample or model that the Seller has possibly made available to the Consumer before the conclusion of the contract;

c) where relevant be delivered together with accessories, including packaging, installation instructions or other instructions, which the Consumer can reasonably expect to receive; and

d) be of the quantity and possess the qualities and other characteristics, also in terms of durability, functionality, compatibility and safety, ordinarily present in a good of the same type and that the Consumer can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the good and the public statements made by or on behalf of the Seller, or by other persons in the context of the previous steps in the chain of commercial transactions, including the manufacturer, in particular in advertising or on the label.

There is no lack of conformity pursuant to Article 129, paragraph 3, and Article 130, paragraph 2, if, at the time of conclusion of the sales contract, the Consumer had been specifically informed that a particular characteristic of the good deviated from the objective requirements of conformity provided for by these rules and the Consumer expressly and separately accepted this deviation at the time of conclusion of the sales contract.

Any lack of conformity resulting from the incorrect installation of the goods is considered a lack of conformity of the goods if:

a) the installation is provided for in the sales contract and was carried out by the Seller or under his responsibility; or

b) the installation, to be carried out at the expense of the Consumer, was carried out by the Consumer and the incorrect installation depends on deficiencies in the installation instructions provided by the Seller or, for goods with digital elements, provided by the Seller or the supplier of the digital content or digital service.

To whom the right to the Guarantee is valid:

The Buyer is entitled to the Guarantee towards the Seller, even if the latter sells goods produced by others (in this case the Seller will act in regression, without prejudice to the Buyer's rights, towards the Manufacturer). It is therefore the Seller who is obliged to perform the services indicated below in the Buyer's Rights point and the Buyer must contact it to assert the guarantee.


The warranty operates for a period of two years from the delivery of the goods. If, therefore, the defect becomes apparent within two years of delivery of the goods, the warranty is made.

For used or antique goods: The parties acknowledge that for used goods the warranty term referred to in this article is one year from delivery, as well as the action of the Consumer is prescribed in the same term.

Unless proven otherwise, it is presumed that any lack of conformity that becomes apparent within one year from the time the goods were delivered already existed on that date, unless such a hypothesis is incompatible with the nature of the goods or with the nature of the lack of conformity.

If it occurs after that date, it will be the Buyer's responsibility to prove that it already existed on the date of delivery.

The Buyer's action towards the Seller is prescribed in twenty-six months from the delivery of the goods. This short period does not operate where the defects have been maliciously concealed by the Seller.

Procedure to activate the Warranty

The guarantee can be exercised by sending an e-mail to the following address:

The e-mail must indicate the identification number of the order, link to the information sheet if possible, defect and related proof (photographs, description of the defect, etc.), indication of the date on which the defect was discovered, other relevant according to the Buyer (including the indication of the remedy chosen from those of the point below, that is, first of all, Repair and Replacement of the Good).

Buyer's Rights

The Buyer, in the event of a defect, has the right to obtain, without charge, one of the remedies indicated in points 1, 2, 3 and 4 below.

Following the complaint of the defect, the Seller - if it considers the defect existing and timely reporting - proposes to the Buyer one of the following solutions, providing indications on the timing and methods of execution of the remedy (not the costs that are borne by the Seller):

In case of lack of conformity of the goods, the Consumer has the right to:
1) restoration of compliance
2) to receive a proportional price reduction
3) the termination of the contract on the basis of the following conditions:

1) RESTORATION OF CONFORMITY: For the purpose of restoring the conformity of the goods, the Consumer may choose between repair and replacement, provided that the chosen remedy is not impossible or, compared to the alternative remedy, does not impose disproportionate costs on the Seller, taking into account all the circumstances and, in particular, the following:

a) the value which the goods would have in the absence of the lack of conformity;
b) the extent of the lack of conformity; and
c) the possibility of experimenting with the alternative remedy without significant inconvenience for the Consumer.

The Seller may refuse to bring the goods into conformity if repair and replacement are impossible or if the costs that the Seller would have to bear are disproportionate, taking into account all the circumstances, including those referred to above in letters a) and b).

Where the restoration of conformity involves the repair or replacement of the goods, they are carried out by the Seller:

a) at no cost to the Consumer;
b) within a reasonable period of time from the moment the Seller has been informed by the Consumer of the lack of conformity; and
c) without significant inconvenience for the Consumer, taking into account the nature of the good and the purpose for which the Consumer wanted the good.

without significant inconvenience for the Consumer, taking into account the nature of the good and the purpose for which the Consumer wanted the good.

The obligation to repair or replace the goods includes the removal of the non-conforming goods and the installation of the replacement or repaired goods, or the obligation of the Seller to bear the costs of removal or installation.

2) PRICE REDUCTION or CONTRACT TERMINATION: The Consumer has the right to a proportional reduction of the price or to the termination of the sales contract in the event that:

a) the Seller has not carried out the repair or replacement or has not carried out the repair or replacement, where possible, as provided for in the previous point;
b) a lack of conformity is manifested, despite the Seller's attempt to restore the conformity of the goods;
c) the lack of conformity is so serious as to justify an immediate reduction in the price or the termination of the sales contract; or
d) the Seller has declared or it is clear from the circumstances, that it will not proceed with the restoration of the conformity of the goods within a reasonable period or without significant inconvenience for the Consumer.

ATTENTION: The Consumer does not have the right to terminate the contract if the lack of conformity is only minor. The burden of proof of the slight extent of the defect is borne by the Seller.

The reduction in the price is proportional to the decrease in value of the goods received by the Consumer compared to the value it would have had if it had been compliant.

If the lack of conformity concerns only some of the goods delivered under the sales contract and there is a cause for termination of the sales contract, the Consumer may terminate the contract limited to non-compliant goods and those purchased together with non-compliant goods, if it is not reasonably presumable that there is an interest of the Consumer to keep the goods not affected by defects in its availability.

If the Consumer terminates the entire sales contract or, limited to some of the goods delivered under the sales contract:

a) the Consumer returns the goods to the Seller, at the expense of the latter, and
b) the Seller reimburses the Consumer the price paid for the goods upon receipt of the goods or the evidence provided by the Consumer regarding the fact of having returned or shipped the goods.


Without prejudice to what is reported on the subject of withdrawal, delivery and warranty, for which reference is made to the relevant chapters of this document of conditions of Sale, the Seller makes available to Customers after-sales service, and customer service in general.

The service, managed by operators who speak Italian (and also English), can be reached in the following ways:


Phone: 030 3541776 (interno dedicato)

The service is operational on the following days and at the following times:




The Customer Care service does not respond to communications that are not in Italian or English, and will still send the response in Italian or English.


This contract, as well as the other texts, is written in Italian. Likewise, information and communications to Buyers and Users are drawn up in the same language.

The interpretation, the lexical and legal meaning, of the contract refers to the Italian language. Any other languages will be only translations of the same, but in case of conflict in the interpretation the lexical and legal meaning of the Italian version prevails.

Italian law applies to this contract.


For disputes relating to the sales relationship referred to in this service, the Court of the place of residence or domicile of the Buyer is competent, if consumer (ie if he buys for reasons unrelated to his entrepreneurial, craft, commercial or professional activity). For disputes with Business Users, the Court of Brescia will be competent.


The buyer is given the right to apply to ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) systems.

The Seller does not adhere to any particular alternative dispute resolution tool. Attached is a link to the tool made available to Professionals and Consumers in general, accessible to all:

For the purpose of activating the aforementioned procedure, the email address of the Seller / Professional is as follows:


The Buyer's personal data are processed as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Without prejudice to what is set out in the information on the processing of personal data to which reference is made, the Buyer's personal data are processed for the purpose of registering the customer and activating the procedures for the execution of the sales contract and the related necessary communications. These data, in accordance with what is indicated in the information, are processed electronically, and will be communicated to delegated subjects for the performance of the activities necessary for the execution of the contract (for example shippers, warehouse, etc.). It is good that the Buyer knows that the Sales Service involves the use of third-party services, such as shipping, accounting management, payment systems, to which personal data are communicated in any case.


The invoice, even in the case of Sale to subjects not resident in the territory of the Italian state, is drawn up in Italian.

The invoice must be requested before the order is placed. After this deadline it will not be possible to request it.

In case of Withdrawal, where an invoice has been issued, a compensation document (credit note or similar) will be issued and sent.


The buyer has no right to use, copy, disseminate content of any kind hosted in the Service (including photographs of the goods). Neither by the buyer nor by users or visitors of the service, photos, product descriptions, legal content, layout settings of the product presentation, and any other element with creativity present in the service may be used. Any use may therefore be made only with prior written authorization, also by e-mail, by the Seller.


The Buyer, once the sale is concluded, can review the product or the seller, leaving a comment on the appropriate page (Google). Even in the freedom of evaluation, it is still forbidden to write insulting, offensive expressions, or not responding to the real opinion of the buyer on the product or on the seller.