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1. Delivery times
2. Filling of the destination address
3. Tracking
4. Order additions and shipping
5. Hold for pick-up
6. General restrictions

Zanolli delivers all over the world. In the cart, by selecting one of the countries in the table, a shipping cost will be indicated. For each country there is an order threshold beyond which the goods are sent free of charge.

* EXCEPTIONS: some particularly bulky, fragile or heavy items are excluded. The cost is indicated in the product sheet.

For countries not listed in the table it will be necessary to contact customer service at the email address to receive a cost estimate, indicating the product codes and the quantities you intend to purchase.

Delivery times

Estimated delivery times can be viewed for each item in the corresponding product sheet. The days indicated represent the time of preparation, shipment and delivery of the items, bearing in mind that:

Only working days will be counted - excluding Saturday and Sunday and any holidays and / or Zanolli holidays (for info on our closures, ask our customer service or check on Google)
The couriers deliver Monday to Friday. At the moment they do not deliver Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
The counting of the days starts from the receipt of the payment (Ex. In the case of bank transfer are generally necessary 2 working days from the execution, the other types of payment are, excluding technical problems, generally contextual to the order)
The day is counted if the order is received before 03:00 p.m.
•Particularly complex orders or orders with quantities higher than the standard may need more time and it will be eventually communicated by our customer service. The same applies to any problems that may occur in the warehouse or during preparation.

The times indicated are a prudential estimate based on the statistics of the numerous orders processed by Zanolli, keeping in mind:

Delays or delivery problems of the Courier not dependent on Zanolli
Strikes, labor unrest, weather or socio-political events
Delivery to others: some shipments are picked up by family members or neighbors, who propose themselves to the courier as delegates. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check before you notify us of missing deliveries.
Incomplete and/or incorrect addresses

Filling of the destination address

The address of the recipient, which can also be different from the one who places the order, must be filled in correctly so that the delivery takes place without delay and/or errors. Most of the problems are due to inaccurate compilation.

Last name and first name (in that order), street and house number, any shipping notes * (stair, floor, company / office / business where the package is to be delivered), recipient phone , postal code , city , province , country must be filled with the utmost care. By registering to our site, the user can fill in this data only once for all future orders.

*NB: In case of delivery to a company / office / business , it is always essential to indicate both the Surname-Name of the person the package is addressed and the name of the company because the courier refers to the sign and / or name on the bell.

Additional Notes: Use this notes field at the bottom of the page to communicate any preferences for days and / or time slots (morning / afternoon). If the request is possible, we will send the information to the courier.


At the time of taking delivery of the package, the courier will send an e-mail with the tracking to the order recipient's e-mail address, generally after 7.00 pm on the same day.

It is not yet possible to track the package on the registered user page.

Order additions and shipping

It is possible to insert in a planned shipment for an order, another or more orders so as not to incur more shipping costs. In this case you can select the option "collect in store", specifying in the order notes the number of the main order in which a shipment was paid (or free because reached the threshold).

This option is subject to limitations:

•The addition of the order must be received by 12.00 noon on the day on which the first order is to be shipped (generally 1-2 days before the estimated delivery, contact our customer service if necessary)
•The address and the recipient must be the same for all orders
•The type of payment must not be cash on delivery. In this case the addition with a single shipment is not allowed.

Hold for pick-up

In case of urgency, you can request delivery in hold for pick-up. This greatly increases the chances that a shipment will take place in 24 hours (48 for the islands). The request can be made in the order notes, indicating the chosen GLS or BRT office (the lists and opening times are available on the respective sites) where the recipient, equipped with an identity document, will have to go to pick up the package. Without different indications to the courier or our customer service, the package will remain available for 3 working days, after which it will be sent back to the sender. Withdrawal in custody with GLS is also available on Saturday mornings.

General limitations:

Under no circumstances will couriers accept alternative delivery addresses, even if they are near the main address. Indications like: "if nobody answers the bell, leave it to the neighbor, in case of absence, deliver to the address..., etc."
will not be taken into consideration •Couriers must deliver the package to a person, usually the recipient. In some cases they can accept a delegate, better if specified in the order notes (concierge, reception etc.). In no case they will leave the package unattended in the garden, on balconies or in other different places indicated.
The recipient's name must match the name on the bell (when delivery does not take place at a business or company) that must be working