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Packaging and gift package

The packaging is bundled down to the smallest detail to create gift packages that adapt to the shape and style of the object purchased

We have always dedicated much care to packages, to express our thanks to those who have chosen us and our products.

We pay attention to the smallest details of the packaging, choosing to use Zanolli ribbon, which is our distinctive sign, in different colours; we do this to create magnificent gift packages that fit the shape and style of each item purchased.

We believe that the package is an integral part of a gift and at the same time an extra cuddle for those who chose Zanolli for their special thought.

It’s a priceless satisfaction for us thinking of that magical moment when the recipient of the gift contemplates the packaging and feels every moment before the surprise. That's why our gift boxes are refined and always free.

Zanolli Argenterie ragal packages
Zanolli Argenterie packages
Zanolli Argenterie packages