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Alligator Francesco XL hand painted Tom's Drag


Item number: 753TD101825

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Delivery all over the world
Safe payments
Free and elegant gift packaging
Custom engraving

Product description

Note particolari: This item is handcrafted and handpainted, therefore color, design, tone, small glue or color imperfections and irregularities constitute a specific feature of the product and testify to its craftsmanship.

Personalizzazione: If you want to make the gift more special, choose to do it customize from our artisans by engraving initials, a name, a date or choose a real personalized dedication that will be made on a plate that it will be applied in the position deemed most appropriate for sealing.

Alligator Francesco XL is a hand-painted figure by Tom's Drag.

Nothing in the Tom's Drag collection is industrially produced. Each single piece is an exclusively handcrafted work behind which lies a long and complex work from the first draft to the final processing.
The sketch on paper begins with the artist's inspiration from here comes to life a raw form of wood carved by hand. From this carving the rubber shape is made which will be filled with a precise quantity of liquid marmorino which is made up of ground marble and synthetic resin. The shape is then closed and moved manually. The blank is ready to be sanded and painted with a white base. On this white base the outlines are then drawn in pencil and then we move on to the colors. The hand decoration phase is the longest and most complex due to the variety of designs and shades of colors used. At the end of the chosen colors, gold leaves are applied and everything is painted to fix the colors . The last phase is the finishing of the details where Tom's characteristic accessories are applied such as rhinestones, piercings, earrings, eyelashes and other small details.

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