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A child's prayer porcelain Lladro'


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Delivery all over the world
Safe payments
Free and elegant gift packaging
Custom engraving

Product description

A child's preyer is a brilliant porcelain figure hand painted by the artist Juan Ignacio Aliena. The article is part of Children collection by Lladrò.

The artists of Lladrò evoke with their works of art the happy memories of when we were little, fragments of life that will always remain with us.

The pieces of Lladrò are handmade in Valencia, in the only factory in the world of the company. Each piece is the result of a laborious artistic process built with painstaking attention, in fact it is the task of a team of experts composed of chemists, sculptors, engravers and painters to keep alive the ancient techniques of porcelain processing. Lladrò manufacture up to 32 different types of high quality porcelain, porcelain made of minerals such as kaolin, quartz and feldspar.

The sculptors follow their inspiration, but they also use a meticulous research and documentation process, and create a model in plasticine or clay from which the artistic development of the final sculpture will then begin. From the model the molds are obtained, even for the smallest fragments of the sculpture, which will then be filled with liquid porcelain. When the porcelain has solidified and after joining all the fragments of the sculpture together, it is decorated by hand, with over 4,000 colors used. The process ends with cooking in a furnace up to 1300 ° for about 24 hours. Porcelain is vitrified and the colors become bright.

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