Serenity angel with confetti carrying tuft Selezione Zanolli


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Made in Italy

Note particolari: This item includes the item, confection pack and, if included, the box shown in the image. It is a finished wedding favor, ready to be delivered to the guest. The note is included. In the order notes specify the date, the type of ceremony and the name (s).

Personalizzazione: If you want to make your wedding favor more special, choose to have it personalized with an engraving. For the baptism Zanolli recommends engraving the name of the child in small italics in a very elegant style that is well suited to the happy event. The date of baptism is often chosen to be engraved just below the name of the child.

Silver resin “Serenity Angel” packed with tuft with 5 almond comfits for wedding favors. Article by Selezione Zanolli.

This composition was created for you by Zanolli and is part of our "Top Baptism Favors", is what we call the "perfect wedding favor" is a mixture of the call to the sweetness of childhood, refinement and beauty. The angel is the symbol par excellence of baptism in fact according to the Christian religion the little angel will be assigned the guardian only with the sacrament of Baptism. The angel with the symbol of dreams is undoubtedly the ideal gift for parents who consider it important to leave guests with a concrete sign of joy that they have shared with all the family and close friends.
Zanolli for the godfather and / or the godmother recommends, to stay on the subject, the angel of the Serenity in a larger statuette version (item code 890KK092).

Silver resin statuette with golden inserts. On the outside of the box, a tuft of sweet confection made by the skilled hands of our packaging artisans is tied with a satin ribbon. The white tulle wraps the five confetti one by one until it forms a small, almost hatched bud. The tape in cotton canneté with thin ribbons in relief wrapped around itself forms the pistil placed at the center of the structure ending in a romantic bow from which a thin ribbon in pink satin starts to complete the composition.


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